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SIWARWENG.COM_During thirteen days of living in the forest, 184 Kiwirok residents of the Bintang Papua Mountains chose to evacuate themselves to Oksibil.

This was stated by Niko Nawipa, S.pd, in his statement to this media in Mabilabol Oksibil, Monday 28/9.

According to him, after the shooting incident between the TNI – Polri and KKB, Monday, September 13, 2021, in the Kiwirok district, until now the people in the capital of the Kiwirok district, especially the polobakon, Pomding, and surrounding villages are still evacuating by hiding in the forest out of fear.

As a civil society, of course we were shocked by this incident, because it happened suddenly so that we people were shocked and ran away from our house.

Niko Nawipa also said that at the time of the incident we protected ourselves so that until now we do not know the other members of our family, be it father, mother, or children,” he said.

Meanwhile, from the data obtained by this media, as many as 184 residents of Kiwirok District have now fled to Oksibil to secure themselves.


By siwar PAPUA

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