Oksibil, SIWARWENG.COM_ Hundreds of residents of the Pegubin community, who are members of the Community Care Forum, Monday 19/7 morning, staged a demonstration against vaccines in the Bintang Mountains area in front of the Oksibil Papua bank.

 During the demonstration, he asked the government not to vaccinate in the Bintang Mountains area.

 This is done considering that Covid 19 is still ongoing, the community is still considered to be in a safe zone.

 The action demands that the government, flight activities, especially in the aviation services of the Bintang mountain community, only serve antigens, not provide vaccines, and serve passengers to and from Oksibil as well as in the Bintang mountainous area, only use antigens instead of vaccinations.

 In addition, the people who are members of the Community Care forum also asked the local government not to cut the regional budget for Vaccine procurement spending.

 Meanwhile, Pegubin Regent Spey Yan Birdana ST.M.si, accompanied by the chairman of the DPRD, regional secretary and Forkompinda in his response said, covid is a global problem, not only in Indonesia, therefore the government cannot answer the people’s will, because in order to prevent the transmission of this deadly virus, namely covid, we have ordered that the center has instructed, in this case the president, to comply with the applicable rules.

 The regent said that the governor and regent did not have the right to refuse vaccines, thus vaccination services throughout the world, especially in Indonesia, were not forced to vaccinate.

 “This vaccine is only given to those who want it, so the community does not need to take action like this, because it is clear that the vaccine is only given to those who want it,” explained Regent Spey.

After conveying their aspiration, hundreds of residents who were members of the Community Care Forum left the action site and dispersed in an orderly and safe manner.

 Editorial Team: SIWARWENG (MU)

By siwar PAPUA

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