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SIWARWENG.COM.com, JAYAPURA – Marselinus Ola Attanila, a mantri in the Kiwirok District, Bintang Mountains Regency, did not expect to become a victim of the ferocity of the Papuan terrorist separatist group.

He, who had served in Papua for a year and a half, became a victim of a massacre. Luckily, he managed to survive after the attack on medical personnel and arson in Kiwirok occurred on Monday (13/9/2021).

The story of the sadistic massacre by the separatist group to the medical personnel in the area was told in detail while occasionally shedding tears.

He said that his party was aware of an attack from the group on TNI-Polri officers’ posts in the area.

The health worker of the Kiwirok Health Center who experienced acts of KKB violence when evacuated to Jayapura. (photo: special)
Together with other health workers, he was asked by residents to stay in place to carry out treatment if there were victims.

“Starting at 07.00 WIT, after receiving this information, our health workers took wise steps to remain calm in the medical barracks and the Puskesmas. We are ready to serve if there are victims,” ​​said Marselinus Ola at the Cenderawasih Military Command shortly after arriving, Friday (17/09/2021).

At around 9.00 WIT he heard gunshots at the Kiwirok TNI post which was located at an altitude.

Because they feel that they will not be targeted, he and the other health workers still choose to carry out their duties. “At 9.05 WIT things turned around, KKB hit the glass of the puskesmas, threw stones at the puskesmas building and started dousing gasoline and set the first fire on fire. In just a few moments, they again destroyed and burned the doctor’s barracks next to the Kiwirok Health Center,” he said.

In the barracks, there are five medical personnel, namely dr. Restu Pamanggi, paramedic Luke Luji, Sister Siti Khodijah and paramedic Martinus Deni Satya.

KKB then became more brutal and attacked the officers in the doctor’s barracks.

“Doctors and other officers opted out. They ran apart,” he said again.

While trying to save himself, doctor Restu Pamanggi was arrested and abused and then he was herded into a ravine and kicked into a ravine. He managed to survive with a broken arm.

It did not stop there, the separatist group led by Lamek Taplo returned to another medical barracks and carried out destruction and arson.

There were 6 medical personnel in the barracks, including herself and the late Sister Gabriella.

Seeing the very life-threatening conditions, he asked the three sisters with him to come out.

“They were women and were too afraid to stay in the barracks. The longer the smoke got thicker, I chose to take shelter with the nurse in the bathroom,” he said.

Unable to stand the conditions of the fire getting bigger, he and the other victims ventured out of the barracks.

However, when he fled to the front of the barracks, KKB brutally wanted to attack him.

He then turned around and tried to run towards the ravine behind the barracks.

“There was also a KKB with weapons, we then escaped to the residents’ houses. They were also there, we hid in the toilets of people’s houses but they also burned them, they became more brutal and then burned the market, district houses and other facilities. We got out of the residents’ bathroom and escaped into the ravine and without thinking we jumped into the ravine,” he explained again.

Mantri Ola did not think that when he arrived at the KKB ravine, he was still chasing him and his two colleagues.

Luckily, he got caught in the roots of a tree and hid. Meanwhile, Sister Gabriella, Sister Kristina Sampe and Sister Katriyanti Tandila, who had been involved, were arrested by KKB.

“They stripped the three sisters and started torturing them,” she said, holding back tears.

The three victims fainted and were then thrown back into the abyss. It didn’t stop there, the group tied up the victims and again abused and killed Sister Meilan.

At the time of the incident, other medical personnel who had been in the doctor’s barracks also tried to escape to the Kiwirok TNI Post.

“Uncle Geral Sukoi who ran with the doctor has not been found,” he said.

After he saw that the situation was starting to be safe, he then chose to come out of his hiding place and secure himself to the Kiwirok post with other medical personnel who survived.

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By: Faisal Narwawan

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