SIWARWEN.COM;_Accelerating the installation of telephone and internet networks is one of the priority programs launched by the SEPTE government at the beginning of this year, but until entering the third month of its leadership, people who use telephone and internet networks complain that the network is getting worse day by day, especially Oksibil, as a district capital center.

The SEPTE government through campaign promises and when launching the one hundred working day program, the provision of an internet network and telephone network became one of the main issues but it seems that there has been no visible reaction in the field.

One of the prospective students, who did not want his name to be published to the media, was in Oksibil’s kukding, Monday 16/6.

He said that I had difficulty accessing the internet and 4G networks to take the online test.

 He said that the government had conveyed directly, when launching the one hundred working day program or through the media about the acceleration of the installation of internet and telephone networks, especially 4G within one hundred working days, but the reality has not yet come.

 As a prospective student who needs an internet network, I am disappointed with this condition.

He also hopes that the Regional Government, through the relevant Office, needs to provide information regarding this matter, either through the media or in the form of an oral appeal to the public, especially those of us who need an internet network, so that there is no misinterpretation.

The man who was born in Kiwirok also questioned that if there is an effort made by the local government at this time, then when will the network run normally, he concluded.

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By siwar PAPUA

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