SIWARWENG.COM – The Regent of the start Mountain, Spey Yan Birdana St M.Si, in the speech to invite 231 health workers who are members of a healthy pegubin task unit, raise a healthy lifestyle to It was conveyed by the Regent of Spey, when opening the debriefing activities of the healthy star mountain assignment, which was in the Motory of the Pegubin Regional Health Office in the Office of the Regent of Kukding Oksibil 15/6. 

Healthy becomes the main vision of the current government, for that I hope 231 health workers who are recruited through the selection that this stabbing, after participating in this briefing, continued to have shaved Panji Bhakti Husada to serve the people in 277 villages and 34 districts in the Pegubin region.

 Health workers will be together with the community in the village therefore science obtained in education and also through this debriefing, may be implemented to the community in the village -kampung, about the vision of a healthy lifestyle. Prioritizing Prevention Services Early, do not let the people come because of illness, but teach people to live healthy, prioritize basic services of healthy lifestyles, so I believe the energy that is showered to each district and the village will not work eurry. Prioritize the persuasive approach, so that the people understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, he explained. 

The former Head of Bappeda, advises health workers who will be placed in each district and villages, will certainly experience the obstacles and challenges in the field, thus expected to prioritize the vision and mission of the health person, attend the same servant as Jesus, who came to save us all. 

Prioritize services with the same heart as the brothers of great clothes that are currently used, and are also present in the community as health people who are truly an example for the community so that this healthy vision of health benefits is felt by our people. Personally and on behalf of the government congratulations to follow the debriefing, may know the knowledge that will be obtained from a number of speakers to be a guideline in serving our people at their respective duties, close the Regent of Spey. (Meky)

By siwar PAPUA

Velocity Developer

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