SIWARWENG.COM; _ The lecture process of the University of Okmin Papua, Bintang Mountains was officially opened by the government of the mountainous district of Bintang and the management of the University of Okmin Papua (UOP) in Oksibil, Monday, 13/9.

The inaugural lecture was attended by around 600 prospective new students from Pegubin, and also attended by several state officials and online.

Regent Spey Yan Birdana, ST, M.Si in his directive said “The presence of the University of Okmin Papua in the Bintang Mountains in particular and the interior of the Central Mountains of Papua in general is a border area, backward, isolated, the poorest in Papua province. accelerate the development of Human Resources (HR) based on information and technology.

Regent Spey continued, in the future this campus will be equipped with adequate technological equipment, so that you don’t have to go abroad like America, Singapore or Thailand, but just be in the mountains of the stars to master technology and be able to connect with our friends in the pacific continent. the Asian continent is also on the European continent,” he explained.

The former Head of Bappeda Pegubin also said, in this campus students are required to know their culture and will be fostered and gradually become mathematics students, anthropologist students and also agrotechnology students who are able to create new knowledge for the people of the Bintang Mountains.

The presence of the Okmin Papua University campus is one of the priority programs of the SEPTE government in order to build reliable human resources so that they can compete with other regions.

From the media’s observation, the inaugural lecture was opened by the Chancellor of the Okmin University Papua Dr. Suryasatria Trihandaru, M.Sc, Nat and continued with a public lecture from the Special Staff of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Philip M. And several other speakers who gave lectures. through online, namely ICEE USA and Representative of ICEE Singapore, Mr. Kamal Gedeon and several other guests providing material through Virtual.

The opening of the inaugural lecture ended with the signing of a cooperation and planting a civilization tree in the Okmin University Papua.

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