SIWARWENG.COM;– Irvest plans for regional medium-term development (RPJMD) is an important document that is obliged to be in series by each OPD, because the RPJMD will certainly become the basic framework for the development of the next five years in the Bintang District District, and it serves to all regional development perpetrators, namely the local government, Specialization of the RPJMD is based on the direction of the Long-Term Development Plan in the Bintang Regency regency by paying attention to the National RPJP, the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) to create synchronization and synergy of the regional-term development between districts in one sustainable provincial development area. This was conveyed by the Regent of the Star Mountains in his remarks read by Deputy Regent, Pieter Kalakmabin A.Md, in Oksibil, Tuesday 8/6. According to him, the preparation of regional planning documents in 2021 -2026 has a strategic value, because it is the first planning year in the period of the RPJMD of the Star Mountains in 2021-2026. This means the programs / activities compiled for the next five years.

 In the RPJMD Musrenbang are needed to mebahas Programs and Priority activities that will be carried out to achieve the target and target of especially in the implementation of the development plan in 2022. 

At the moment of means Thus to all OPD leaders who attended the RPJMD Musrenbang activities were expected to take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible, do good coordination with the Bappenas team to create a harmonious atmosphere in the process of planning properly integrated and strategic documents for the realization. Me / ky

By siwar PAPUA

Velocity Developer

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