SIWARWENG.COM _ The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Gunung Bintang district continues to carry out early prevention in several areas that are disaster-prone zones.

 One of the prevention efforts carried out by disaster management in the Pegubin area is to provide assistance in the form of Jonson machines in three districts, namely Aboy, Okbemtau and Teiraplu.

 Head of BPBD Pegubin Wilem Nukaipra, at the BPBD office on Okpol street Friday 2/7.

 Plt. The Head of BPBR, In his short message said,The Pegubin area is one of the areas that is difficult to reach by road, given its very difficult geographical situation so that to shorten the distance between one area and another, it is usually only carried out by air and water transportation.

 Therefore, the three Jonson machines that we have handed over are assets for the village and district to serve the local community.

 This Yamaha brand Jonson machine is not used as a personal property but as a village asset to serve the community in need of service.

 The former head of Aboy said that with the presence of three units of Jonson machines, it is hoped that they can provide services to the local community, especially serving the sick and also those who need it.

 “I hope this asset is used to serve the people in these three areas,” he said.

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