SIWARWENG.COM_KUKDING; – Full responsibility has been submitted to the OPD leadership so there is no need to wait for the Regent, Deputy Regent or Secretary, in carrying out the duties of the responsibilities that have been given.

This was confirmed by the Pegubin Regent, Spey Yan Birdana ST.Msi, in his direction while leading ASN’s routine Apple in the Pegurbin Regional Government in Monday 31/5 in Oksibil.

The authority in running the government of the government is especially in favor of the current government, I and the Deputy Regent have submitted full responsibility to the OPD leadership, thus in implementing the regular service program and the Office of Agency does not need to wait for the Regent, Deputy Regent or Secretary.

OPD leaders do not wait for the Regent and Deputy Regent and Secretary, because we have given full authority to the OPD leadership, once again do not wait, do what they want to do in accordance with the existing budgeting documents, said the regent.

The regent and representatives and Secretary of the Regional Secretary, many OPD leaders also abandoned the task of the responsibility, the OPD leadership should have been inaugurated in building communication with their staff and cheats them to support the program activities available at the OPD.

OPD leaders must empower the fields, sections and staff, who are surrounded by the official and their body, and the most important is the leaders of the OPD with staff minimizing existing budgets, by not carrying out unclear activities, this is very important considering the availability of this year’s budget is very minimal.

At this time I was with the Deputy Regent and Secretary of the Regional Secretary to build communication with the central government regarding the acceleration of regional development, so that the leadership of OPD was not Santé in carrying out their duty functions. 

OPD head discipline in work, because in the future more work will be done every service. (Meky)

By siwar PAPUA

Velocity Developer

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