SENTANI, SIWARWENG.COM;_The Bintang Mountains Student Association [IMPPETANG] emphasized that the government of the Republic of Indonesia through President Joko Widodo and the Indonesian National Police [Kapolri] immediately released Victor Yeimo, Frans Wasini and all other prisoners of racism scattered throughout Indonesia.

In a statement received by the media, Thursday 2 September 2022, the chairman of IMPPETANG, Steven Tengket said the president of the Republic of Indonesia and the National Police Chief immediately ordered the head of the Papuan Regional Police [Kapolda] and the head of the Papuan High Attorney [Kejati] to release Victor Yeimo, Frans Waisini and the prisoners. other racism in Indonesia.

Steven said that the issue of racism in 2019 had been paid in full by seven political prisoners at the East Kalimantan Police Detention Center, so that no more Free Papuan activists should be detained in the name of racism because it would only fuel the anger of the Papuan people.

“Regarding the 2019 racism demonstration, Agus Kossay, Stefen Itlay, Bucthar Tabuni and 4 other people at the East Kalimantan Regional Police have paid it off. So we emphasize to the Papuan Police and their staff not to arrest any activists. Victor Yeimo and Frans Wasini must also be released immediately,” he said.

Tengket emphasized that as students who were born on the blood and tears of the land of Papua and also students as mouthpieces for the aspirations of the community, they will continue to voice all forms of injustice and violations of human rights that have continued to thrive in Papua since the integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia. May 1, 1963.

Steven in a press conference that was read out said that Frans Waisini was arrested with the aim of amplifying the alleged case against Victor Yeimo. Victor Yeimo was charged with 12 layers of articles which threatened him with life in prison.

‚ÄúSince Frans Wasini was arrested, his health is no longer good to this day. But the police continued to force him to go through the legal process with poor health [Ill]. So if the state cannot take care of their health, just release Victor Yeimo and Frans Wasini to be taken care of by their family and relatives,” he said.

Imppetang also emphasized that if this statement is not heeded,then his party will join with other organizations to mobilize the masses to paralyze Sorong until Merauke demands the release of Victor Yeimo, Frans Wasini and other prisoners of racism.


By siwar PAPUA

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